Patrol Method Approach

Scouts leading Scouts! The power of simplicity in this approach, called the patrol method, is realized as the scouts learn to take responsibility for all aspects of their troop activities; from planning to clean up and everything in between. Adult leaders are always available to coach and mentor, but the scouts are encouraged to try their ideas first and learn from the outcomes.

Troop 433 Story

Chartered in 19XX, Troop 433 has been a staple of the Parkville community. More needed here>

Our Adult Leadership

Adult leaders are the core of a successful troop. Through the dedication to scouting that these individuals exhibit our troop regularly produces Eagle Scouts that go on to positively impact their communities.

Joe Blount

Scout Master

Joe is troop 433’s Scoutmaster. He is an accomplished Eagle Scout and leader.

Interview with Joe for more details on bio…

Les Wagner

Committee Chairman

Les is troop 433’s committee chairman. He has been involved in scouting with his own children for XX years and represents our troop at the district and national level.

Interview with Les for more details on bio…

Jeff Whitworth

Assistant Scout Master

Jeff has stepped up as Troop 433’s Assistant Scout Master. He brings years of scouting experience and passion for leading youth.

Interview Jeff for more details on bio…

Next Steps…

If you are in Cub Scouts and looking for a Boy Scout troop to continue your path toward Eagle or if you are simply interested in learning about what Boy Scouts is all about please consider joining us on one of our many adventures. Troop 433 has an activity every month, year round and visitors are always welcome. Contact us by email or just give us a call; we would be happy to answer questions and invite you to our next event.